Governors Budget Bill Attempts to Abolish Commission – Call your Senator NOW!!!

Governors Budget Bill Attempts to Abolish Commission – Call your Senator NOW!!!


Ohio Senate to Consider House of Representatives New Budget Bill which Restores the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission

The Ohio General Assembly House of Representatives removed proposed legislative language in the original State of Ohio Budget bill that would have abolished the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission. The House amendment in Sub. HB 49 restores the Manufactured Homes Commission. However, the Senate will hold hearings and vote whether to keep the House amendment that restores present law maintaining the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission.

Keep in mind without the Commission, the Kasich Administration’s previous proposal in the original State Budget bill would have transferred manufactured homes regulation to the Department of Commerce bureaucracy at a significantly higher cost while reducing home installation inspections. And, it is likely new burdensome regulations and higher fees would have been enacted in future years.

We need your immediate assistance to EMAIL and CALL your State Senator and urge them to support the legislative language in Sub. HB 49 which maintains the Manufactured Homes Commission.

To make this easy we have set up a link where all you have to do is click a button, fill out your contact information and the system will email a letter for you.  Please also consider having your employees, friends, neighbors, and customers also use this link to contact their State Senator. 


Please also call your Senators and urge their support.  We have prepared a brief phone message you may want to use when calling Senators.

CALL:   Go to this site and enter your zip code.  The site will provide the contact info for Senators in your area.  It is best to leave a voice mail on the State Senator’s office phone after 5 pm.  Below is a suggested script you may wish to use when leaving your message.

Hi Senator (his/her name), I am (your name) from (your town).
Please support the continuation of the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission as reinstated by the House of Representatives’ in Sub. HB 49 –the state budget bill. The legislature has created the Commission as a one stop shop for all manufactured homes regulation which has provided fair and balanced regulation, enhanced homeowner safety and reduced fees.
Your support in maintaining current law restored in Substitute HB 49 maintaining the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission is critical for affordable homeownership in Ohio and will be much appreciated.
(OPTIONAL) Feel free to reach me at (your phone number), if you would like additional information.

Email and Call Your State Senator Today!
We need emails and calls to be made immediately as the Ohio Senate will vote soon!

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