Ohio House Restores Ohio MH Commission


Ohio Manufactured Homes Association and The Association of Manufactured Homes Residents of Ohio

Ohio House of Representatives Restores the Manufactured Homes Commission
Ohio Senate will now consider the House passed legislation maintaining the Commission



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The Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio – May, 3, 2017

The Ohio House of Representatives passed Substitute HB 49 (State of Ohio budget bill) on May, 2, 2017. Sub HB 49 included legislative language restoring the Manufactured Homes Commission consistent with present law. The Kasich Administration’s original proposal in the As Introduced version of HB 49 would have abolished the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission (MH Commission) and transferred its responsibility to the Ohio Department of Commerce (DOC).

In recent years the Ohio General Assembly consolidated all regulation of home installations & inspections, dispute resolution, sales licensing, and manufactured home park regulation under the MH Commission. The Ohio MH Commission is an independent agency with a small staff.

The Ohio Manufactured Homes Association (OMHA) comprised of 500 manufactured home businesses and the Association of Manufactured Home Residents of Ohio (AMHRO) representing homeowners and residents opposed the Administration’s proposal to abolish the MH Commission during recent legislative testimony before the Ohio House. The two organizations heralded the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission’s demonstrated record of providing superior homeowner safety while operating in a fiscally responsible manner.

The MH Commission conducts 100% inspections of all new and previously owned manufactured home installations resulting in less than 10 complaints in the last three years. 23,000 home installations occurred in the last decade. Prior to the Commission’s existence 500 -800 improper home installation complaints occurred annually.

The MH Commission has consistently operated under its budget, returning hundreds of thousands of dollars back to Ohio taxpayers annually. Homeowner and business fees are being further reduced by more than $1 million dollars.

The Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and the Ohio Senate President each appoint three members to the nine member uncompensated Board of Commissioners. The Governor appoints the remaining three seats on the Commission. However, two of the Governor’s appointments involving a manufactured home resident and health official have remained vacant. The input of residents and health safety officials are vital to the MH Commission’s work.

In recent written testimony before the Ohio House of Representatives Finance Committee, the Association of Manufactured Home Residents of Ohio (AMHRO) cited the MH Commission’s superior commitment to the safety and affordability for manufactured home residents. Resident association (AMHRO) President Frank Pojman stated: “I urge any of your Committee to review agendas and minutes of the MH Commission meetings, to see the all-important issues that are discussed, for the benefits and safety of manufactured homeowners.”

Ohio Manufactured Homes Association Executive Director Tim Williams said, “The House of Representatives provided for thorough discussion during legislative testimony. I am pleased the House recognized the value of maintaining the independent Manufactured Homes Commission and its record of consistently operating below budget, providing 100% homeowner safety inspections and reducing both homeowner and business fees.”

Resident Association (AMHRO) President Pojman further stated, “The quality of life, living in our lifestyle, living in a manufactured home, has many times been misunderstood. The 900,000 homeowners living in manufactured homes need to have available to us, people that know our manufactured home laws, to guide us in getting assistance when needed. The MH Commission has done a superb job protecting homeowner safety while reducing costs and barriers to affordable home ownership for many lower and moderate income Ohioans as well as senior citizens. If it isn’t broke why fix it.”

The Ohio Senate will now consider Substitute HB 49 which includes maintaining the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission.

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