The Manufactured Home Industry in Ohio

1,000 new manufactured homes were sold in Ohio in 2013.

About __ percent of the new manufactured homes sold in Ohio are multi-section, while the other __ percent are single-section models.

There are nearly 234,190 manufactured homes in the state of Ohio, an average of 2,661 manufactured homes per county.

Nationally in 2013,

70 percent of all new homebuyers put their homes in private property. The other 30 percent placed their homes inland-lease communities.

About 53.1 percent of the new manufactured homes sold are multi-section, while the other 46.9 percent are single-section models.


Cost and Size Comparison

Manufactured Homes

(w/installation cost/no land)

(Single and Multi-Section)

  2012 2013
  Average Sale Price $62,200 $64,000
  Average Square Footage 1,480 1,470
  Cost Per Square Foot $42.02 $43.54
Single Family Site-Built (w/house & land as package)      
  Average Sale Price $292,200 $324,500
  Less Land Price -69,115 -75,071
  Price of Structure $223,085 $249,429
  Average Square Footage 2,585 2,662
  Cost Per Square Foot $86.30 $93.70


Source: U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census