Access Newsletter – Fall 2018

How and When will I receive a copy of my park inspection?  Who do I contact to  respond to any deficiencies? Can I get a call ahead so I can be there during the inspection?

Park inspections are either being mailed or emailed to the addresses on file. As the department does not conduct all of the park inspections we can not guarantee that you will be able to get a call prior to your inspection. A note can be made on your account requesting that you would like to be called prior to the inspection.


How do I find an installer in my area?

1) You can search the website to verify license status but it no longer has contact information.

Under “Look Up” in middle of page ->Professional ->Installer.  Click on Look Up a License ->Get Documents-> Search ->Enter State,  County, Board “Dept. of Commerce Manufactured Housing” ->License Type (Installer) That will bring up a list of installers for that particular county.

2) Alternatively  individuals can also go to  under Resource Center (near bottom of the page) to find a list of active installers with email addresses.


I have received a notice of a CE class in person. Previously it was stated all classes were online is this legit?

Yes, Famous Enterprise is now approved and the DOC website is now updated. To see all class providers go to:


OMHC used to receive phone call reminders for installers and inspectors license expiration.  Is DOC sending mailed notices?  How do i know when my license expires?

No, DOC will not be calling installers and/or inspectors to remind them of their license expiration. License expiration dates are printed on their pocket cards and or certificates.



For installers, inspectors and park operators within the first week of September they will be receiving via email a registration letter. This letter will provide the website and step by step registration/renewal instructions.  These individuals will also be receiving renewal reminders each 30 days prior to their renewal period.


CHECK YOUR EMAIL! is where manufactured home licensees start with new applications, renewals, change requests and more. First time portal users, both existing licensees and applicants for initial licensure, will be led through a new account set-up. On subsequent visits, they will be able to log-on. The Help Desk is available to assist at (855) 405-5514.


  • Installers: Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board (OCILB), 614-644-3495 or
  • Parks (including park complaints): OCILB, 614-752-7127 or
  • Inspectors: Board of Building Standards, 614-644-2613 or
  • Installation Inspections/SEAL reports: Bureau of Building Code Compliance, 614-728-9104 or
  • Dealers/Brokers: Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing, 614-644-9734 or
  • Salespersons: Division of Real Estate and Professional Licensing, 614-644-9734 or
  • Dispute Resolution: Division of Industrial Compliance Legal Section, 614-644-3297 or