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  • Model Legal Documents: application, lease, eviction and more
  • On Demand Legal Webinars for Community Managers
  • The ability to attend classes, seminars and conferences on educational, legal, legislative and regulatory issues
  • A regional chapter so that you have the ability to network with fellow industry members in your immediate geographic area
  • Periodic news bulletins to quickly inform you about changes in laws and regulations that impact your business
  • Access — one of the industry’s most respected quarterly newsletter
  • OMHA advocates before governmental bodies of all levels for industry laws and regulations while fighting against unreasonable legislation and regulation that impacts your business and our homeowners
  • Information to assist you in community education, financing, Ohio MH regulation and public relations efforts
  • Complimentary company profile listing on the OMHA website
  • A clearinghouse of information on rules, regulations, laws and helpful data
  • Discounted membership services through OMHA partners.
  • The opportunity to attend the Annual Golf Outing and Party

Ohio Manufactured Homes Association Legislative Report

SAFE Act and Dodd Frank – OMHA’s advocacy of legislation to remove manufactured homes Retail Salespeople and Park Operators who do not originate loans from SAFE act licensing as mortgage loan originators is now law.

New Law Bans Rent Control – OMHA was part of a coalition of real estate groups that successfully advocated for a new state law banning local governments from enacting Rent Control.

Ohio Department of Commerce Regulation of Manufactured Homes – OMHA is playing a vital role in representing our industry in installation, dispute resolution, manufactured home community and retail regulatory programs administered by the Ohio Department of Commerce. OMHA will be advocating for your business interests regarding any changes to the programs to ensure manufactured homes remain affordable and fairly regulated. OMHA members will receive ongoing information and assistance throughout the process.

Free Legal Counsel and Model Documents – Our OMHA Legal Counsel provides free legal advice to MEMBERS ONLY on various topics. Also available are the latest model documents to keep your business legally complaint. Such documents are model sale contracts, leases, community rules, advertising language, red flag rules, SAFE Act Language, Loan Originator guidance and more. Our General Counsel also authors a quarterly article for members answering common legal questions.

Abandoned Homes Legislation –OMHA successfully advocated to improve procedures for the removal of abandoned manufactured homes from manufactured home communities as suggested by members. The new law will also make it easier to acquire title to abandoned homes as a result of a deceased title holder. Further improvements to the law are now being advocated by OMHA.

Education and Training –More than 1,500 industry members have enrolled in our MEMBER DISCOUNTED training for legal, financing, community management, sales training, SAFE Act, Red Flag Rules, and home installations, etc.

Zoning and Taxation – Manufactured homes can now be sited in any locale zoned single family residential as long as all uniformly applied zoning requirements are met. The law also lowered property and sales taxes for new manufactured homeowners up to 40% and completely eliminated used homes sales taxes.

Legal Precedents – In the past, OMHA has initiated legal action to significantly reduce zoning barriers in localities throughout the state. And, in cooperation with the Ohio Attorney General, OMHA also obtained a stay in federal court from requiring court orders for repossession titles, thus saving retailers and community owners’ significant legal costs.

Liens and Tax liabilities – Current law allows community owners can display and sell homes in manufactured home communities in order to increase occupancy and upgrade communities. The Law also forgives liens on homes a community owner, retailer, or lender may repossess or purchase, while limiting the actual payment of back tax liability to only 5 years.

Prevention of MH Communities from Charges for Tennant Delinquent Utilities OMHA is advocating for a law to prevent local governments and water utilities from collecting a tenants direct billed delinquent water bills. Recently the Legislative Service Commission cited the illegal practice of cities charging landlord and MH communities for tenants unpaid water bills.

Modular Home Program – Plan review times are now being submitted on-line. In addition, OMHA has clarified modular sales tax concerns and developed subcontractor agreements to clearly identify the construction contractor relationship. Also modular homes are now allowed in MHC Communities.


Tim Williams 

Executive Director