The Manufactured Home Industry in Ohio

1,912 new manufactured homes were sold in Ohio in 2017.

There are nearly 234,190 manufactured homes in the state of Ohio, an average of 2,661 manufactured homes per county.



• The manufactured housing industry produced about 93,000 new homes in 2017, approximately 9% of new, single-family home starts.

• The average sales price of a new manufactured home without land is $70,600.

• 66% of the homes are located on private property and 34% are in manufactured home communities.

• All aspects of construction are continually inspected by professionally trained third-party inspectors.

• Manufactured homes are constructed to adhere to the federal HUD Code since 1976. The HUD Code, regulates home design and construction, strength and durability, fire resistance and energy efficiency. HUD revised the building code in the early 1990’s to enhance energy efficiency and ventilation standards and to improve the wind resistance of manufactured homes in areas prone to hurricane force winds.


• Floor plans are available that range from basic to elaborate — vaulted or tray ceilings, fully equipped kitchens, walk-in closets and luxurious bathrooms.

• A variety of exterior siding is available — metallic, vinyl, wood or hardboard and stucco.

• Homes have pitched roofs with shingles and gabled ends.

• Upgrades include awnings, patio covers, decks, site-built garages and permanent foundations.


• The building materials in today’s manufactured homes are the same as those in site-built homes.

• The homes are engineered for wind safety and energy efficiency.

• Manufactured homes are among the safest housing choices available today due to federal laws requiring smoke detectors, escape windows and limited combustible materials around furnaces, water heaters and kitchen ranges.


• Manufactured homes can be financed as personal property. Even when the home and land are financed together, the home is often secured as personal property and the land as real property. Traditional manufactured home personal property lenders offer land-and-home financing.

• Homebuyers may also finance their home and land together as real property using conventional mortgage financing obtained through a traditional mortgage lender.



Source:  Mobile Home Market Facts, by Foremost Insurance Company

Cost and Size Comparison

Manufactured Homes

(w/installation cost/no land)

(Single and Multi-Section)

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Average Sale Price $62,200 $64,000 $65,300 $68.000 $70,600
Average Square Footage 1,480 1,470 1,438 1,430 1,446
Cost Per Square Foot $42.02 $43.54 $45.41 $47.55 $48.82
Single Family Site-Built (w/house & land as package)
Average Sale Price $292,200 $324,500 $345,800 $360,600 $372,500
Less Land Price -69,115 -75,071 -84,628 -84,316 -85,686
Price of Structure $223,085 $249,429 $261,172 $276,284 $286,814
Average Square Footage 2,585 2,662 2,690 2,745 2,676
Cost Per Square Foot $86.30 $93.70 $97.10 $100.65 $107.18

U.S. Census Bureau (Note – Data from 2013 and prior are not comparable to 2014 and beyond)